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Thank You For Your Support!

Thank You Australia

It’s September, or correction it’s more than halfway through September! Spring/Summer is the time of the year that we as Australians love and enjoy the most, and it’s also the time of the year that seems to get away so fast.

In the lead up to this time of the year Bottle 4 Bottle has launched 10 exciting new beauty brands to the journey, and more to come! Significant appreciation to those brands for their support!

With brands getting on board in abundance, the feedback from consumers is overwhelmingly positive, the next milk giving trip is going to be our biggest yet!

By the end of this year we will be announcing our next milk giving pledge, and we will be giving you the ability to win a place to give milk with us on a trip to Tanzania. Stay tuned, you will not want to miss this exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity!

The Spring/Summer season will also be the announcement of our next big offering, it will be the simplest, easiest and most effective way you can support milk giving yet and is brought to you with the direct support of some of the worlds biggest beauty brands.

Special thanks goes out to the team at Alpha-H who launched their amazing range of skincare products to Bottle 4 Bottle on the first day of Spring. Your enthusiasm is immensely appreciated and we look forward to your company in Tanzania in 2015.

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