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Welcome ROX TAN

ROX TAN joins the Bottle4Bottle Journey on the 8th of September 2014.

by Sam O’Brien

 RoxTan on Bottle4Bottle

Stand out from the crowd this summer with ROX TAN.

It’s official, there is now more choices of tanning categories then painkillers in the pharmaceutical aisle. Fast acting Tans, Long Lasting Tans, Green Tans, Argan tans all have you scratching your head asking the question, when do I want to be brown, now or later? and how on earth does a green, purple or Argan infused tan even make me brown?

These are not stupid questions, and as Ryan Mollaun co-owner of ROX TAN explained to me, quite often the Hype in certain products does not extend to the quality in which the product is made. When products are made in bulk and sit in storage for long periods of time, the quality is compromised and so is the product. In Simple terms, Ryan and his partner Debbie have created a beautiful brown colouring that gets packaged fresh. The product is literally filled and sent to your door meaning there is no compromise on quality. The active ingredients are at the highest possible quality and the result is gorgeous brown skin.

Shading choices are simple, Light, Medium or Dark, and if you need a fast acting tan, then choose the 2 hour option. Ryan and Debbie have chosen to empower the small salon and home tanning market, making easy to use tanning equipment affordable, and it’s all able to be purchased right here on bottle 4 bottle.

Summer is approaching, its time to get your tan sorted and there has also never been a better time to start spray tanning. So take the complexity out of the decision and choose ROX TAN.

Thank you for your support Ryan and Debbie, we’re sure your brand will make a HUGE difference to the bottle 4 bottle journey!