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Don’t change WHAT you buy.....Change HOW you buy...

The Journey So far.... We Give Milk!

Bottle 4 Bottle was conceived in 2012. The mission is simple, direct and the outcome is powerful.

In late 2012 and early 2013, Bottle 4 Bottle started aligning with brand partners, big beauty businesses who wanted to be part of the journey. Launching live to the Australian public in the middle of 2013, Bottle 4 Bottle has worldwide ambition and seeks to change the way the online beauty industry currently shops.

Bottle 4 Bottle is a socially responsible company changing the world for children in poverty. It is our ambition to be a for profit company that can make giving a sustainable core part of our trade. We do not align ourselves with any religous, political or exterior motivations and it is our ambition to give Milk in countries all over the world wherever we are needed. So, our mission statement is simple, WE GIVE MILK…. for every bottle purchased we will fill the milk bottle of young infant children in need.

“If you can’t feed 100 people, then just feed one” – Mother Theresa

This quote by Mother Theresa can best sum up the goal of Bottle 4 Bottle. Each milk bottle we fill starts one at a time. Every meal is a presious part of giving life and by starting small we hope to expand one milk bottle at a time and be giving to nations all over the world.

We seek to inspire our customers and suppliers to take up this journey and become part of it, spread the word and allow the journey to grow. Change the way you shop, and change lives.

GIVING is the core nature of our business. We aim to create many more avenues for the beauty industry to be part of this rewarding journey. We encourage our customers to make a difference both through your purchase and through your voice. If you cant find your favourite brands on our site then start the journey for them, email them or contact them today. Bottle 4 Bottle wants to open its doors to the industry.

Who We Are Helping

Our current project is Forever Angels Baby Home, Mwanza Tanzania. An independent aid center for new born babies
in the local area, Forever Angels baby home is a unique offering in this part of the world.

Being a specific baby home, Forever Angels, takes on new born children whom have been abandoned, lost their mother in birth or mothers are to sick or unable to care for them. Without Forever Angels intervention these children would most certainly die due to a lack of local infrastructure to care for them. It is in this immediate and desperate stage that Bottle 4 Bottle’s true life saving power can be understood. Forever Angels currently has more then 70 staff and regularly takes on volunteers.

Where possible, Forever Angels attempts to reunite children with direct family members able to care for these children. Children whom are not able to be reunited are cared for at the center and put up for adoption. Forever Angels becomes their home until they are given a new one. Forever Angels survives solely on donations and contributions, there is no government subsidy’s for this type of work or offering.
Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 12.20.35 PMFind out more about Forever Angels here

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