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All she needed, was Milk

Rahma’s mother died shortly after she was born. Her Aunt was left to care for her but had no means to pay for the expensive formula milk needed to sustain a newborn. She fed Rahma porridge for six months and slowly watched as her niece’s health deteriorated due to lack of nutrition.


Having been admitted to hospital for severe malnutrition, Rahma was referred on to Forever Angels and entered the baby home at 6 months of age weighing a mere 2kg. However, she did not need to live at Forever Angels as she had a loving caregiver. The only thing she needed was milk! The Baby Home provided Rahma with enough formula milk for 6 months and have watched on as she flourished in her Aunt’s care.


Just another reminder that every purchase made on Bottle 4 Bottle will help change a life.

Written by Mark Dombkins

Bottle 4 Bottle Ambassador