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Milk Formula In Action

Happiness’s Story

Happiness was sick with Tuberculosis and unable to produce any milk for her newborn baby girl when she first came into contact with Forever Angels Baby Home. She had a mild developmental delay and no support from her relatives. Happiness was trying her best to feed her daughter, but she was becoming seriously malnourished on a diet of only tea and water.


Forever Angels


Forever Angels provided weekly formula milk for Happiness’ baby and gave her advice about caring for an infant. In just a few weeks, her baby gained weight and is now healthy and happy. Without such simple and yet incredibly effective support, this baby’s life would have ended prematurely. Happiness is a good mother who loves her baby and both are now thriving.


Just another reminder that every purchase made on Bottle 4 Bottle will help change a life.


Written By Mark Dombkins
Bottle 4 Bottle Ambassador