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Don’t change WHAT you buy.....Change HOW you buy...

Spread the Word!

Spread the word, social networking and word of mouth is key... we need a following and we need you to start our network. If you like our cause then tell the world!

1. Contact your favourite brands. We want big brands with a network and existing market presence to show their GIVING spirit and become part of the journey. Email them, PM them, call them whatever method your comfortable with WILL make a difference. Some brands will get on board easily, others will take some persuasion but its always possible. More brands = More milk bottles which = MORE LIVES SAVED!

2. Signup and become part of our network!
We will be offering numerous ways you can get involved and even take part in our MILK GIVING Trips, be on the ground and deliver MILK in person, quite often these are once in a lifetime experiences!

3. Get the T-shirt!
We’ve all heard the catch phrase, and bying our t-shirts will not only fill 2 milk bottles for every 1 t-shirt purchased, its also a great way to tell the world about the bottle 4 bottle journey. T-shirts are made to suit the professional environment in your own salon / work place or can be worn out and about as a GIVING statement!

4. Tell your customers you GIVE MILK!
Products purchased on our site are often for professional use and come with our branding, display them and ensure that your clients know that you are a socially responsible business because of where you bought your products. Your also helping the brands you use GIVE back because your showing those clients that the brand is also part of the GIVING process.

5. Don’t compromise on GIVING!
Saving lives is a cause worth shopping for, we support the shop for a cause economy and so should you! Be part of companies and movements that reward your purchase through legitimate GIVING avenues and spread the word.

"We're on a journey, and we want you on board"

Bottle 4 Bottle needs quality products that consumers want to purchase, your brand now has the ability to directly save and change lives!


Bottle 4 Bottle needs quality products that consumers want to purchase, your brand now has the ability to directly save and change lives!

By allowing your brand to be sold through our website, your not only opening up your sales channels your also allowing your company to contribute to a sustainable good cause which you can be directly involved with. Bottle 4 Bottle opens up the doors of its business to each supplier, although the only thing we expect from you is the ability to sell and make profit on your products, we also invite you to be part of the journey.

You can be as involved as you wish, even being on the ground to deliver in person the milk bottle your brand filled! Bottle 4 Bottle believes in grass roots business, and that means if you put your brand to a cause you should be able to see it through…right to the end!