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Don’t change WHAT you buy.....Change HOW you buy...

Gaining Brand Support

By Sam O’Brien

Bottle 4 Bottle has been officially active now for just over 2 months! Two weekends ago we fulfilled our first “Milk Giving” Trip and contributed just over 500 milk bottles to Forever Angels baby home in Tanzania. We will be releasing the new pictures and video footage from this trip in the not too distant future. It’s true to say that none of what we do is possible without the support of the major brands we stock on this website.

Bottle 4 Bottle is all about allowing you, the consumer, the choice to purchase the items you usually would, in a way that makes a difference to the global community. We’re not asking people to change what they usually buy, simply where they buy it. So for this to be effective we need the support of big brands.

Up until the launch of our site in August this year, I personally spent the previous 6 months contacting the major brands we currently stock (or will soon be stocking) on our site. We wanted these brands to be part of the journey, just as we want you, the consumer, to be. When a major brand in their industry such as Sun FX pledges their entire support to the project it gets us extremely excited; not simply because it means they think we have a great concept or idea but because we know that together we’re going to be able to fill a lot of milk bottles and help save a lot of lives!

So, I am now getting asked regularly by customers, “Why don’t you sell (without naming the brands) Shampoo X or Spray Tan Y?” In the case of some brands, we just haven’t got to them yet. After all, the world is full of beauty brands and it’s going to take some time to get everyone on board. However, in the case of other brands, we’ve tried and they just haven’t responded with their support yet. I’ve literally had suppliers of brands in which their products are being sold on other online websites, in stores, in beauty distributors and even on ebay at discounted prices refuse to allow us to stock their brand. Without naming and shaming at this stage in our journey, and without itemising each and every reason I have been given, we simply hope to change their minds.

When I contacted Sonya Driver from ECO Tan about our project, I got about 15 seconds into explaining our vision, and she said “Okay, okay, Sam stop right there! You can save me the spiel. I’ve just landed on your web page and I’m watching your video. I’m someone who supports the projects that I like and I believe that doing good comes back to you. I will definitely support this project because I like it and I believe in it!” Sonya runs a fantastic business and sells a great product. I don’t expect every brand to get behind us just as quickly but I love her enthusiasm! Sonya’s brand will fill a lot of milk bottles and help save a lot of lives, thank you for your support ECO Tan!

Of course the biggest factor which helps gain support for this project is you! You’re the consumer and you choose where you buy your products and from who. If you would like to see your favourite brands on this site then please contact them any way you are comfortable. There is an email template available at the bottom of this email that you can copy and paste as a template and email to them, or send them through Facebook. We don’t ask brands to cut their usual margins or contribute in any other way other then offering us the ability to sell their products at usual retail price with the usual margin they would give any of their stockists. They simply need to allow us to open an account and spend money with them.

As the consumer, your spend is the most important factor. In all walks of life we encourage you to support the shop for a cause community, that means buy Thankyou water when you go to 7-11, wear TOMS shoes and use LSTN headphones and when it comes to beauty products support the brands who support us.

Dear (Insert Brand name),

I’ve been a supporter of your products for some time. I love your brand and would love to keep supporting it. Of recent I have been buying many of my beauty products on a website called Bottle 4 Bottle ( For every bottled product sold on their site, Bottle 4 Bottle fills a milk bottle of an abandoned or orphaned child in need. Currently they’re supporting a baby home in Tanzania where without this milk formula these children would not have a chance at life.

I believe your brand can help save a lot of lives! Bottle 4 Bottle is not a charity, it is simply a stockist of your products, and they don’t expect any contribution from yourself apart from the ability to sell your products on their site. I would be so grateful if you would take the time to email or call them using the details below and start the relationship that will allow your brand to make a difference and save lives!

Email: admin@bottle 4 Phone: 1300 856 460

Thank you so much for your time!