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Alpha H Skincare Cares

1st September 2014
by Sam O’Brien

Alpha H

The usual thought that comes to mind when people hear “Alpha-H Skincare” is “results”, and with good reason, Alpha-H is the most re-purchased skin care product on the current market and has products regularly reviewed and endorsed by celebrity clientele worldwide. However, as I found out more recently the beauty to this international skin care brand is more than just skin deep.

Last month Brooke and I had the privilege of sitting down for coffee with Michelle Doherty, Alpha-H owner and product creator. Michelle had just returned from a business trip to Europe and was bouncing with excitement. We had been told of Michelle’s genuine nature by media and industry contacts, and on this occasion I can honestly say that the “talk” was spot on. Michelle’s passion for her brand is obvious from the start. She has created a brand that is powerful in presence, empowering in nature and most importantly works through active results. As the end user Michelle wants you to see amazing results and feel good, and that is what the brand represents.

The most impressive thing about Michelle and her team was that sitting down with us at Bottle 4 Bottle was not about business, it wasn’t about “if their brand should support the journey”, Michelle’s question after almost instantly agreeing to sell her products on bottle 4 bottle was “How else can we support you?”. Suppliers are paramount to the Bottle 4 Bottle journey, it takes clients to buy and suppliers to support, and this “outside the box” thinking is exactly what Bottle 4 Bottle is all about.

I am pleased to say that not only will you see Alpha-H skin care for sale right here on starting today, but you will see so much more than that, you will see a true brand supporter, innovative ideas, and a core belief in one goal… filling milk bottles and saving lives. Together we will be bringing you exciting buying opportunities and unique ways to further be part of the “milk giving” journey! We are very very excited….