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For Sam and I supporting adoption from underprivileged countries stemmed from the same place our drive to start Bottle4Bottle came from: Our friends Mark & Anna.

Mark & Anna had moved to Tanzania in 2010 and had been living and working there while completing the process of adopting 3 beautiful children (Charlie, Shay, & Jabari) from a local Baby home in Mwanza.

Deborah Lee Furness

We flew to Africa in 2012 to visit them and meet the latest additions to their family, we knew it was going to be an emotional trip but nothing prepared us for what we really found in Tanzania.

Brooke and Sam O'Brien

Sam and I were (and still are!) completely overwhelmed by love and compassion shown by the amazing staff at the Forever Angels Baby Home in Mwanza. The home is built on the idea of doing everything they can to return children to existing family, and at the same time continuing to lend support where they can. When children cannot be returned to their own families, Forever Angels works with Social Welfare to find adoptive families (Mark and Anna!).

Forever Angels Baby Home

We were so moved by what Forever Angels was accomplishing that we knew we had to help anyway we could, and thus began the Bottle4Bottle journey. For every bottle of product that is purchased on this website we are able to fill the milk bottle of one of the little darlings at Forever Angels. Sam and I personally travel to Africa to purchase the formula and deliver it to the home, and we can’t WAIT for our 2015 milk delivery trip!

This life changing experience for Sam and I would never have occurred if Mark and Anna hadn’t been so kind and open in their own hearts and family. Their journey to finally legally adopting Charlie, Shay, and Jabari has been a long but extremely rewarding process that more families should have the opportunity to undertake. That’s why Sam and I would like to express our total support behind Adopt Change , an organization which works tirelessly to break down adoption barriers in Australia and cut through the red tape which can make it near impossible for many families to adopt.

Adopt Change

Every single child in this world deserves a family, together as a nation and citizens of this earth we need to recognize the importance of adoption and if at all possible, pitch in and make a difference where we can.

So, #Adoptchange everybody – and keep an eye out for National Adoption Awareness Week which is running this year from the 9th till the 15th of November.

 -Brooke O’Brien
Bottle4Bottle Co-Founder